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Celebrating Success

Kiana Gallop-Angeles
Graduated - 2013

Kiana has been dancing since she was just two years old, and began competing in eisteddfods at the age of four....
Read more about Kiana [PDF, 1061 KB]


Alex McMullin
Graduated - 2012

Alex McMullin began his volleyball career at CDSHS. After training at the Bayside Sports Academy he was offered....
Read more about Alex [PDF, 559 KB]


Michael Helmstedt
Graduated - 2011

Michael Helmstedt attended CDSHS from 2007 to 2011 and was very involved in the school’s music program. While at school....
Read more about Michael [PDF, 605 KB]


Kimberley McCosker
Graduated - 2008

2008 graduate Kimberley McCosker was a high achiever in Visual Art and Film & Television while at CDSHS and participated....
Read more about Kimberley [PDF, 597 KB]


Daniel Tuckwood
Graduated - 2008

From a young age, Daniel has had two passions: building things and performing music. His years at CDSHS were distinguished....
Read more about Daniel [PDF, 704 KB]


Coral Pearce
Graduated - 2008

2008 graduate Coral Pearce developed an interest in science while studying at CDSHS, which led to her enrolment in a Bachelor....
Read more about Coral [PDF, 652 KB]


Keita Johns
Graduated - 2007

2007 graduate Keita Johns was heavily involved in music and drama throughout her years at CDSHS and this experience....
Read more about Keita [PDF, 975 KB]


Georgia Parr
Graduated - 2007

Georgia Parr graduated in 2007 with an OP 1 and was Dux of CDSHS. Her senior subjects - Maths B and C, English....
Read more about Georgia [PDF, 1641 KB]


Courtney O'Shea
Graduated - 2006

Courtney O’Shea studied every music subject available to her at CDSHS, as she worked towards her goal of....
Read more about Courtney [PDF, 1378 KB]


Erin Young
Graduated - 2006

2006 graduate Erin Young was heavily involved in the music program at CDSHS and this helped develop her confidence to....
Read more about Erin [PDF, 818 KB]


Lindsay McLaughlin
Graduated - 2000

After leaving CDSHS in 2000, Lindsay studied a Bachelor of Business (Economics) at Queensland University....
Read more about Lindsay [PDF, 589 KB]


Sara Saldez
Graduated - 2000

Sara Saldez graduated Cleveland High was a keen participant in the CDSHS Music Program, and upon graduation....
Read more about Sara [PDF, 329 KB]


Mark Henman
Graduated - 1997

Mark Henman started playing drums at age 11 and, thanks to his teachers’ support, Mark decided he wanted....
Read more about Mark [PDF, 644 KB]


Veronica Bielby
Graduated - 1997

Veronica started high school at CDSHS in 1993 and achieved high marks in Business, Maths and Accounting....
Read more about Veronica [PDF, 1548 KB]


Kate Williams
Graduated - 1995

1995 graduate Kate Williams was a keen saxophone player at CDSHS and followed her passion to study a Bachelor....
Read more about Kate [PDF, 502 KB]


Craig Cook
Graduated - 1994

1994 graduate Craig Cook was an avid musician and heavily involved in the Instrumental Music program at CDSHS....
Read more about Craig [PDF, 1295 KB]


Rhys Williams
Graduated - 1994

After studying graphics, maths and physics at CDSHS, Rhys Williams became interested in the engineering fields....
Read more about Rhys [PDF, 1036 KB]


David Atkins
Graduated - 1991

1991 graduate David Atkins was involved in the music program from his first day at CDSHS and spent his time at....
Read more about David [PDF, 1904 KB]



Please let us know where you are at and what you have been doing, we would love to celebrate your succeses as one of our past students.  Please email your details to Mr Grant Mitchell.