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Cleveland District State High School Sports Program

Cleveland District State High School is widely recognised for its sporting involvement. It has an extensive sporting calendar in which all students can be involved in a variety of different activities, from recreational sports and in class activities to its elite Sport Development Program and the Bayside Sports Academy. The school possesses specialised training groups such as Long Distance Running and even offers extra Athlete Support services for representative athletes attending the school to assist in maintaining their sport and school commitments.

Cleveland District State High School also has a modern highly equipped and fully functional gym which is used regularly by the students.

Each year there are three Whole-of-School events which all students are strongly encouraged to attend:

  • Swimming Carnival (early term 1);
  • Cross Country (end term 1); and
  • Athletics Carnival (mid-year).

All students are allocated to a Sporting House. Cleveland’s Sport houses are Macleay, Moreton, Peel and Russell.

Cleveland participates in a range of different interschool sports across two seasons, Summer and Winter for all year levels. Some of these sports include but are not limited to:

Competitive Sports 

  • Football (Soccer)
  • Touch Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball/Netball
  • Softball

Recreational Sports

  • Walking
  • Mixed sports
  • Gym sports
  • Dance
  • Weights
Year Level
Allocated Sport Day
Sport Coordinator
Junior School Sport (Yr8 – Yr9)
Interschool and Recreational
Tuesday afternoon
Ms Host - HPE
Senior School Sport (Yr10 – Yr12)
Interschool and Recreational
Wednesday afternoon
Mr Neil - HPE
Yr 7 School Sport
Interschool and Recreational
Friday afternoon
Ms Host - HPE
For specific competition dates please go to the School Event Calendar or Contact the relevant teacher/coach or the Sports Coordinator on 3824 9222 or email
  • BSA-Competition.aspx

    Bayside Sport Academy competition information

  • Bayside District Sports

    This section will provide you with the information and forms required for Bayside District Trials.

  • District Sport Trial Forms

    This page gives you the forms that you require for your shild to participate in District Sport.

  • Interschool Sport

    Participating in sport between schools boosts not only a team spirit but also a sense of pride for our own school. Students are encouraged to become an active member in the interschool sporting competition.

  • Sport Development Program

    Sport specific development preparing students through training and education to meet sport industry career needs

  • Sports Carnivals

    Sporting carnivals bring together the competitive edge of our house groups: Macleay, Moreton, Peel and Russell. All students are encouraged through swimming, athletics and cross country events.