I am not sure how I can describe my year at Cleveland District State High School in one word, but it was wonderful and awesome. I struggled with many things over the year and thought that I wanted to give up several times but now, the feeling, which comes up with first in my mind, is 'It was so fun!' The reason is that the teachers, friends and my homestay family were all nice and helped me.

Cleveland District State High School has many international students, so I had the opportunity to be friends with students from various countries as well as Australian students. It was very precious experience and it expanded my view and knowledge of the world.

My host family was so nice as well and they treated me as if I was a real daughter. It was a favourite time for me when I talked with my host mother. The coordinators for international students were in the staff room most of the time. They listened to what I talked about and I felt very close to them. I could talk about whatever I thought without any concern. They supported my mental health.

All assignments were hard for me as a not English speaker especially in the first half of the year. However, I could finish them all with the support of my teachers and friends. Of course, every subject teachers was so nice and explained all the work. The ESL teachers helped me 'one on one' whenever I needed some help such as, understanding the classes, correcting my grammar or the words of my assignments. They helped me not only for school related study, but also encouraged me to improve my English skills. They were very helpful for me.

Because of these people, I survived in the school for one year. I appreciate them so much. Throughout the Study Abroad, I learnt that it important to show or say something and ask help if I had any concerns, and to continue to do one thing without giving up. I am glad that I could stay in the school for one year and get to know the people there. Thank you, Cleveland District State High School! Thank you, everyone.

- Honoka (Japan)

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'I love the fact the teachers and students are so friendly and helpful. My ESL teacher is very helpful and nice. I feel at home when I am with the international teachers and students. I can just be myself and I can express myself without being afraid to be judged. That's the number one thing I love about this school.'

Sheminta (Papua and New Guinea)

'Having friends who are kind and classmates I can talk to are the best things about this school. The teachers are really good and helpful and give their full attention in helping students. The whole atmosphere of the school is very welcoming. My ESL teacher helps me a lot with my English and assignments. This school experience has been amazing and I look forward to coming to school every day.'

Sinjini (India)

'All of the teachers are very friendly and the school has very good facilities for study. My homestay family are very friendly. Also, the food they cook is really delicious. I like when they talk with me.'

Tony (China)

'My homestay are always there for me. They always give me advice. They are lovely. I love the international office. It is like my second home!'

Emma (France)

'My homestay family are great. They do everything for me and include me in everything.'

Emil (Germany)

'I like the school. The teachers are kind and the students are friendly. The facilities are good! My homestay family are kind and they always try to include me in everything. On the weekends, I like to go fishing with my friends.'

Aiden (China)

Last reviewed 23 March 2021
Last updated 23 March 2021