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At Cleveland District State High School, the High Performance Learning (HPL) program offers opportunities for students from Years 7-12 to be extended beyond the classroom and reach their full academic potential. This is a crucial part of Cleveland District State High School's tradition of contributing to the development of active, compassionate, lifelong learners who have the confidence and abilities necessary to face the challenges of our rapidly changing society.  


Academic testing is offered to Year 6 students wanting to be a part of the Year 7 academic extension classes. These classes are made up of high-achieving, hard-working, and dedicated students. Being a part of these classes offers students the opportunity to be extended across all aspects of the curriculum. Students who are in these classes are automatically invited to be a part of the HPL program.

Cleveland District State High School - Year 6 into 7 Academic Excellence Testing for 2023


Cleveland District State High School has a proud tradition of Preparing Students to Meet the Future.  One of the ways we do this is to provide opportunities for students to excel in their chosen pathway.  For students who are extremely motivated and achieve high academic results, we provide an Academic Excellence Program in Year 7 which leads into an Intensive Academic Pathway in Senior, with students selecting general ATAR subjects or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.  The aim of the Year 7 program is to provide these students with learning experiences which challenge their thinking and ensure they have engaging opportunities to bring out their academic best.  Places in this program are limited and are awarded to the students who perform well in the entrance exams, combined with positive effort and behaviour comments on their report cards from their primary school.  These exams are open to families both within and out of our catchment area.


This year, we will again use Edutest to administer and assess our entrance exams.  Edutest is an Australian educational assessment organisation that provides quality assessments and services to over 100 independent and government schools around the country.  Their team provides thorough diagnostic testing and reporting feedback to parents and students. 


The test will take place on TBA.  It will assess students against a range of skills in numeracy, literacy, reading comprehension and writing.  Families who wish to apply for a place for their student in the Year 7 Academic Excellence program in 2023 are required to register their student for the entrance exam via the following link and pay the $ fee (plus GST)


Registrations close Friday, 7 May. Once registered, we will be in touch with further details about the organisation of the day.  If your student would like to prepare themselves for the test, please visit the Edutest website for practice tests.


This year, we are pleased to announce that we will award scholarships to the students whose results place them in the top five participants.  The scholarships will cover the annual cost of the Student Resource Scheme for 2023.

Junior students (Years 7-9) who are identified through NAPLAN results and school-based academic data are also formally invited to be a part of the HPL program. This part of the program, formerly known as Ignite, offers students the opportunity to participate in after-school workshops designed to develop their teamwork skills, problem solving abilities, and critical and creative thinking skills. Furthermore, students are invited to attend various excursions throughout the year and work with like-minded peers. This group of students also have the opportunity to be mentored to ensure their academic success.


High performing students in the senior phase of learning (Years 10-12) at Cleveland District State High School are consistently supported to achieve their best in their academic studies. This occurs through a variety of initiatives including classroom level differentiation, study skills workshops and opportunities to gain early entry to university studies. Students are also invited to participate in the mentoring of junior HPL students. This is an ongoing extracurricular activity that not only supports the academic success of the junior students but also supports the academic success of the mentors involved in this program.


All students at Cleveland District State High School are encouraged to participate in academic extra-curricular activities. Participation in these activities helps students to improve their team work skills, problem solving abilities, time management and critical and creative thinking. Academic extra-curricular activities that students can be involved with include:

  • Queensland Debating Union Secondary School competition
  • Readers' Cup
  • Premier's Reading Challenge
  • Lions Youth of the Year

For more information please contact the School. 


Last reviewed 17 January 2023
Last updated 17 January 2023