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Sport Development Program


At Cleveland District State High School (CDSHS), the Bayside Sports Academy (BSA) offers specific Sport Development programs in Football, Touch and Volleyball where students are provided with opportunities to pursue sport career pathways either as players, referees, coaches, managers or ancillary sports practitioners as part of their school curriculum.

Students are identified through a series of trials and are provided sport specific training and skill development as part of their education, meeting curriculum requirements for HPE and respective sport Governing Bodies such as FFA, ATA and AVF.

Parents, Teachers and School Administration all work together to ensure that our academy students have the best opportunity to realize their potential for excellence in both SPORT and EDUCATION without having to make a sacrifice of either.

Cleveland also boasts an Athlete Support Program put in place to support elite athletes attending CDSHS. A student is eligible for this program if they are participating at a State or National level in his or her sport. The program provides support and assistance where needed with school work and managing their school workload and sporting commitments.


  • Provide opportunities for adolescents to develop sports career pathways to international standards
  • Raise the standards of players, referees, coaches, managers and ancillary sports practitioners in Australian sport from the local level to an international level
  • Provide equal opportunities for both boys and girls
  • Improve the quality of training and education provided in sport for youths throughout the region
  • Increase the level of interest, participation and development of youths in our local sport communities
  • Through sport, develop young people into responsible, healthy and active members of  society
  • Produce young male and female athletes of the standard required to participate at an elite or professional level either in Australia or overseas

Benefits :

  • The Bay side Sports Academy provides the following to its members:
  • Sport specific classes working with students with passion, interest and ability in their chosen sport.
  • Content studied includes: knowledge development (including nutrition, biomechanics, sport psychology and team dynamics), core skill training, physical conditioning and match play practice. 
  • Specific areas of focus include player development, coaching and refereeing as well as an introduction to sports medicine and sports management.
  • Opportunities to represent at various events from local districts through to state and national events.
  • Opportunities to participate as referees, coaches and even in managing events.
  • High quality coaching from a variety of Academy staff, specialist coaches and guest coaches utilising the latest international practices.
  • Regular and ongoing testing and feedback which guides individual development requirements.
  • Values based program focusing on the values of training, preparation and work ethics towards achieving full potential on and off the field. 
  • Your own Academy kit including sport specific playing uniforms with your own unique number.  These items are to be purchased through the school uniform shop.


Expectations :

  • Participate in all training sessions, your participation and performance in training will be factors of consideration when selecting players for various teams.
  • Participate in all testing showing constant improvement in physical ability and skill.
  • Meet the requirements of the Academy code of conduct at all times.
  • Bring all equipment for training and games including training/playing strip, footwear, specialist equipment and a drink bottle.
  • Purchase sport specific Academy Uniform from School Uniform Shop upon enrolment in Academy.
  • Payment of Academy Membership Resource Fee at School Office upon enrolment in Academy
  • Be an active responsible member of the school community, participating in various   activities, in particular school sporting events.


Students Code of Conduct:

  • It is a requirement and the responsibility of the Academy members to:
  • Participate in all training sessions and notify the coach/teacher in writing if I am unable to participate.
  • Participate in after school training sessions for any specific group I am involved with such as Schools Premier Leagues, Bill Turner, All Schools Touch and All Schools Volleyball.
  • Participate in all levels of school activities including interschool sport, sport carnivals, representative trials and competitions.
  • Respect myself, other Academy members, my coach, Academy staff and my teachers, working with them in a courteous manner following all directions at all times.
  • Always compete by the rules and conditions of any competition, never arguing with a Referee’s, coaches, Academy staff, school teachers or any other official’s decisions, displaying no criticism by word or gesture.
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship, encouraging and supporting my squad members, as well as showing respect to my opponents.
  • Be a positive role model and act responsibly at all times remembering that I represent my family, my school and the Bay side Sports Academy.
  • Ensure I am always prepared for classes, training and games by bringing any equipment necessary for my sport.  This includes materials for class, footwear, protective equipment and playing strip for training or games.
  • Work to the best of my ability in regards to behaviour and my level of achievement in class at all times.
  • Wear the school uniform or Academy uniform as directed by school and Academy staff.