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School Philosophy

Include and accept others
I demonstrate this by treating everyone with respect
   Making everyone feel welcome and included
   Having a global perspective
   Showing respect for diversity
   Being ‘always worthy’
Create, imagine, inspire, innovate
I demonstrate this by following the sixteen Habits of Mind for successful learners
Achieve our personal best
I demonstrate this by:
   Taking pride in my work
   Always striving for accuracy
   Working with others to achieve more
   Setting goals and working towards targets
   Celebrating success
Respect each other and the world
Respect for each other and our world includes how we take pride and care of our school, our individual appearance and how we present our school work.  I demonstrate showing respect by:
   An absence of graffiti
   An absence of offensive language or images on my books or personal property
   Neatly presenting my work with clear headings, dates and with an appropriate layout for the subject
   Ensuring my mobile phone is on silent and/or out of sight in class
   Adhering to the School Dress Code
   Caring for the environment, for example, putting my litter in the bin and not bringing gum to school
Enjoy learning and find humour
I demonstrate this by:
   Bringing a positive attitude to learning
   Embracing every learning opportunity
   Working and learning together
   Having fun while learning
In Safe and supportive environments
I demonstrate this by:
   Following the Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students and ‘Hands off’ Policy
   Following the Computer and Electronic Devices policy for students
   Exercising self-discipline
   Being responsible and caring for others
   Wearing enclosed leather footwear
   Wearing the school hat for outdoor activities
   Making safe choices
   Ensuring prohibited items are not brought to school